Why we still need to go to the movies

Online streaming services have been incredibly successful in the past few years. But that is no surprise. A huge variety of films and series, interesting creators, cheap offer, and especially time and flexibility is what they have to offer.

During the period of domestic quarantine, these services received an enormous invasion and became the only possible way to enjoy your favourite movies. The cinemas have been closed. Premieres are either postponed or released on online platforms. But does it matter at all? Should we actually miss these huge dark halls with huge screens?

Yes, we probably should. US-Reviews will remind you of what this classic way of entertainment really brings us.

An experience not to be forgotten

Movie lovers might be missing the opportunity to see the movie on the screen. Directors create their projects for as large screens as possible to show us details when shooting.  Their films are becoming a real event. These authors want and need to present us with the best possible experience in the best possible quality. And this atmosphere and experience in movie cinema are irreplaceable.

From love to cinemas

The experience of movie cinema is something that cannot be overcome today. The impossibility of leaving or taking a break has its magic. You are here and now, you can not and do not want to leave until you see how the whole story ends.

The joy of the unknown

If you haven’t seen a trailer or haven’t read any of US-Reviews, you come to an unfamiliar environment that will either surprise you extremely or you will leave disappointed. These boundaries define the most beautiful moments associated with the film as such. The feeling can remain in you for the rest of your life.

Your movie begins with the entrance

Have you ever wondered how great it would be to be alone in the cinema? Imagine, just you, or maybe with your best friend, between the empty seats and the favourite movie in front of you. Everything just for yourself. But then, fill this hall to the last seat, to the last place on the stairs. People, fans, critics. Suddenly, when you look around, the exact same emotions you have from the movie have also people in the hall. They enjoy exactly what you enjoy. The magical atmosphere, when everyone starts laughing or get scared. Then, they all are just one person at the time. But it’s worth it. It’s worth to pay some euros for that. For something that will pleasantly surprise you. Something that at least until the end of the day, will show you a different point of view of the world.


Is it wrong to watch movies on your cell phones and tablets? Does the huge range of movies and series on online services kill us rather than help? Is cinema a better medium than an online stream? No, no, no. Just remind yourself of thoughts and emotions that may be  forgotten in a few years.

It’s more comfortable and cosy to watch movies at home. Especially now when cinemas are closed. As mentioned there are even more online streaming tv platforms to choose from. So go and get inspired.